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Control the vaccination process on your farm with real-time injection quality control. 

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Control vaccine administration process, from the first bird to the last and ensure flock immunity.


A revolutionary, easy-to-use vaccination system that provides real-time alerting for injection misapplication and enhances accuracy and efficiency.


Enjoy high precision poultry farming and new tools for monitoring and controlling farm productivity.



Phibro Animal Health Corporation has invested significant resources in the development of the pHi-Tech vaccination management system, following our belief that vaccination accuracy optimizes flock health and productivity, for a more sustainable world. 

The pHi-Tech poultry vaccination management system helps managers and veterinarians ensure proper vaccine administration, from the first bird to the last. Our revolutionary system provides real- time alerting for injection misapplication, enables vaccination process oversight from the convenience of your smartphone and collects vaccination data for storage and analysis, in a password-protected environment. 

Our dedicated R&D team incorporated unique components and devoted special attention in designing the system to be easy-to-use, ergonomic and light weight. We equipped it with safety features for eliminating self-injection accidents, repetitive motion injuries and facilitating enhanced accuracy and efficiency. 

This breakthrough technology enables any farm – for the first time – to take control of the vaccination process and ensure flock immunity and health! The modular and flexible configurations are suitable for comprehensive vaccination programs, including simultaneous administration of up to two injected vaccines (in the same or in separate injection sites) applied either intra-muscular or subcutaneous. 

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